Will Summer play a crucial role to kill coronavirus?

Will Summer play an important role to kill COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in the start of this year, some health experts hoped that coronavirus would probably disappear by summer just like other seasonal flu, which usually dissipates with the warming of weather. Even Donald Trump, the U.S. president, initially expressed hope that warmer weather might kill the virus. However, coronavirus is not the flu.

As of July, starts, cases of COVID-19 are surging in various states of the country, with health experts warning the only possible way to restrict the spread of infection – at least until the formation of a vaccine – is to follow the expert-recommend safety guidelines like wearing a face mask and social distancing.

A medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) and professor at Vanderbilt University, Dr. William Schaffner emailed Fox News that so far evidence recommends that the virus that causes coronavirus may transmit in all types of weather. He adds that regardless of climate, the finest way to protect yourself is to wash hands regularly, practice social distancing, wear a face mask, and stay home.

Dr. John Whyte about Summer effect on Coronavirus

The chief medical officer of the website WebMD, Dr. John Whyte, also expressed reservation that summer weather might do away with the COVID-19. He also told Fox News through email that the U.S. initially thought coronavirus would act correspondingly to the flu where there would reduce dissipation during warmer weather, like many other respiratory viruses.

Humidity and heat are not a respiratory virus’ friend. The officials started to doubt the flu comparison when they saw several cases in regions of the world, such as Australia, Pakistan, India, and Iran, that was hot/warm in March and April. There are some reasons why they are possibly still seeing several cases. It only may not affect by temperature as other coronaviruses.

Will Summer play a crucial role to kill coronavirus
summer effect on coronavirus spread
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COVID-19 may not be as seasonal as the flu. Furthermore, this coronavirus has a high spread rate, so even in circumstances that are not as favorable, it is still going to spread. The continuous spread is usually reliant on mitigation factors. For instance, the outbreak of 2002-2003 of SARS, which claimed almost eight hundred lives at that time, ended in the summer peak – but a report of 2004 on SARS seasonality didn’t establish an exact reason for why that was.

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