U.S. cautioned citizens to avoid travel to Northern Region

United States Warned Citizens to avoid travel to North Region

The infected cases of coronavirus in Italy escalate to fifty percent on Sunday, following the situation, the government of the United States issued a strict travel warning to the citizens. The officials advised the U.S. nationals to avoid any type of travel to two regions in northern Italy that affected hard by the coronavirus, which initially broke in China in December 2019.

According to the authorities, the overall number of virus-infected people in Italy rose to 1694, a boom of fifty percent from just one day earlier. Five further people died who infected with the virus, and it brings the total number of deaths in Italy to 34. Whereas, around 83 people in Italy fully recovered from the coronavirus infection.

The health authorities of Italy expressed the increase in the total number of virus infections since it took around fourteen days for containment measures to take effect and the fact that Italy consisted of a large number of older people. However, the risen numbers emphasized the speedy impact of the virus on Italy, the epicenter of the virus outbreak in Europe.

Coronavirus hit Italy later in February

The director of the infective illness department, Giovanni Rezza at the National Health Institute, said that they already expect the current acceleration in the total number. He added, the authorities might need another seven to ten days to slow down the virus spread in the country.

U.S. cautioned citizens to avoid travel to Northern Region

With a number of cases in other countries of Europe traced back to Italy, several countries issued travel warnings for eleven towns of Italy that lockdown since the coronavirus blows up on 21st February. None of them gone too much as the government of the United States, which yesterday advised the citizens of America not to travel to regions of Veneto and Lombardy, intensifying the warning to the maximum level.

Airlines Suspended their Operations

After the warning, American and Delta Airlines suspended their flight operations to Milan, the financial capital of Italy. Eventually, it will put possibly a negative business effect beyond tourism. Even the most important furniture and design fair already postponed until June because of the virus outbreak.

The officials of the tourism say that the previous United States travel earning covering overall Italy was possibly disastrous to the business and travel industry, which signifies thirteen percent of gross national product in the country well-known for its superlative museums, natural beauty, art cities, and archaeological sites.

According to the latest statistics, over 5.6 million U.S. citizens visit Italy yearly, representing nine percent of overseas tourists and the 2nd-largest nationwide group after the Germans. China, the origin of coronavirus, accounts for the largest infected people as 88,000 and three thousand deaths by the virus.

Lombardy, which also includes Milan, has more than half of the coronavirus cases, whereas Emilia-Romagna and Veneto have 17% and 15%, respectively. All these three regions closed the educational institutions for another one week. In Lombardy and Veneto, closings also hit cinemas, museums, theaters, and maximum public offices, as well as several big companies, allowed their office workers to telecommute.


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