Kim Kardashian West Meet Trump to Talk criminal Justice Reform

Kim Kardashian West Meet Trump to Thanks him for Commuting

A source having knowledge of the matter said that the United States President Donald Trump met Kim Kardashian West yesterday at the White House to converse issues regarding criminal justice reform as well as meet three women whose sentences Trump cut the previous month. In February, Trump commuted the jail sentences of the following women:

  • Tynice Hall
  • Crystal Munoz
  • Judith Negron


White-collar and drug-related Offenses on Women

These women imprisoned for cases such as white-collar and drug-related crimes. Kardashian West appealed the White House in 2018 on behalf of a grandmother imprisoned for life. She tweeted that Donald Trump cut the jail sentences of three deserving women. She added that she did not hear too much about the issue in the news, so she wanted to share with you their stories. Kardashian also said that she pleased to spend the day with these women, along with Alice Johnson, who helped her to identify and choose these women.

A sixty-three-year-old grandmother Johnson suggested the names of women, she also granted forgiveness in 2018 by Donald Trump in a high-profile decision. In 1996, the court gave her a life jail sentence for a non-violent drug persuasion; thus, this case became a symbol for many of severe sentencing in the United States. Her lawyers say it was Kardashian West who calls Johnson to say she was free. According to the law, the presidents of the United States have the authority to cut short penalties of criminals or even pardon them.

In last month, Trump granted forgiveness to eleven people, including Rod Blagojevich, the ex-governor of Illinois. Previously, these women also appealed former U.S. President Barack Obama cut their sentences, but he denied the requests.

Kardashian West Efforts to Reform U.S. Justice System

In 2019, Kardashian West announced that she received training of a lawyer, and she started a movement for making reforms to the justice system of the United States. Moreover, she shares her worries about long jail sentences given to first-time lawbreakers as well as the unequal effect on the racial minority communities.

Kim Kardashian West Meet Trump to Talk criminal Justice Reform

Currently, the United States is on number one with respect to having the total number of citizens in jail. At the time of the sentence, Crystal Munoz was pregnant, and she gave birth to a child in shackles. Her experience of shackle childbirth elaborated in the First Step Act of 2018, Trump backed the bill and resulted in the banning of shackling pregnant prisoners in labor. In addition, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of U.S. President, also shared a group photo of women in the West Wing on her Twitter account.

About Freed Women

Tynice Hall

She was just twenty-two years old when she imprisoned on drug charges late in 2006. The investigation mainly targets her boyfriend and huge amounts of drugs found in their homes during the investigation. The sad thing about her story that she left a 3-year-old son at the time of sentence at her home.

Crystal Munoz

Munoz gave an eighteen-years jail sentence in 2008 when she found guilty of a drug conspiracy. She performed the illegal actions one step ahead as a professional criminal. According to Rolling Stone, Munoz drew a map to facilitate her friends in transferring drugs from the United States to Mexico. But she defends herself by saying she was unaware of its purpose. She left a 5-month-old baby at home at the time of imprisonment, and she also gave birth to a baby in jail.

Judith Negron

Negron sentenced to thirty-five years in jail for conspiracy to commit fraud regarding health care in 2011. She found guilty of orchestrating a Medicare fraud scheme having worth of $205 million. It was her first crime, and she left two sons at home at the sentence time.


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