Trump tweeted a letter calling peaceful protesters “terrorists”

Trump Shared a letter calling peaceful protesters as “terrorists”

On Thursday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, twitted a letter on his official account called the peaceful protesters who, by force, dispersed from the park near the White House as terrorists. However, the letter from John Dowd, the former Trump lawyer, and veteran lawyer, appeared to addressed to James Mattis, ex-Secretary of Defense and denies the Wednesday statement of Mattis criticizing the response of Trump to the countrywide protests after the George Floyd’s death under the custody of a Minneapolis police officer.

Without quoting any evidence, the Dowd’s letter claimed that the phony demonstrators near Lafayette were not real and peaceful. Those protestors were terrorists using idle hate to compel students to burn and destroy. The crowd was disrespecting and abusing the police when they were clearing and making the area for the 1900 curfew. The decision of the President to publish the letter along with its awful description of protesting Americans using their constitutional rights comes as he continues to press into strongman act to the ongoing protests.

President of law and order

Trump declared himself as President of law and order as the peaceful demonstrators outside the gates of the White House dispersed with gas, rubber bullets, and flash-bangs, speciously so he might visit a nearby church. The President remains there at the building and holds a Bible in his hand for the cameras for some minutes before returning to the White House.

The Modern Military Association of America (a nonprofit organization for the veteran community and the LGBTQ military) condemn the letter. Moreover, the President crossed a very crucial line that demands forceful and rapid condemnation by every Congress member, according to Jennifer Dane, the group’s acting executive director, Air Force veteran. Endorsing a letter that cites U.S. citizens peacefully using their First Amendment rights as “terrorists” is a terrible breach of his oath to protect, preserve, and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Trump tweeted a letter calling peaceful protesters “terrorists”

Now more than anything else, it is obviously crucial that the law must held the President accountable for his irresponsible actions. The story followed around one week of protests all over the country that turned violent after the police killing of a black American under its custody. Furthermore, in response to the approach of Donald Trump, Mattis stated on Wednesday alerting that the United States must discard any thought of cities as a battleground that costumed the army called upon to control.

State governors only use the military at the home ground only when requested to do so, on some exceptional occasions. Mattis wrote that militarizing the country’s response, as everyone witnessed in Washington, D.C., sparked a battle between the army and civilians. Whereas, after the request of Mark Esper to initiate a probe, the Secretary of Defense, the District of Columbia National Guard, in inspecting the matter.

All four ex-officers involved in Floyd’s killing to face new charges


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