Trump threatens to deploy military to overcome violent protests

Trump threatens to deploy military to fight violent protests

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, threatened to deploy the army to suppress growing civil protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd, a black man in police custody. Trump said that if states and cities failed to control the violent demonstrations and defend their citizens, he would deploy the military and quickly control the overall problem.

Protests across the United States over the heartless death of Floyd under police custody intensified over the last week. Meanwhile, four police officers were shot to face injuries during the unrest in Missouri on Monday night. Colonel John Hayden Junior, the police chief, told reporters some coward protestors fired shots at police officers due to which four of them admitted to hospital after experiencing injuries.

Death of George Floyd

  • So far, protests have swept in over seventy-five cities of the United States after the death of a black guy. Dozens of among those big cities imposed overnight curfews.
  • On Monday night, the protestors broke Macy’s, the iconic department store, and looted the shops and smashed the windows.
  • The officials resume the curfew in the city on Tuesday at 20:00 (midnight GMT).
  • Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, demanded a probe into the potential assault by police of two Australian journalists while covering protests in Washington DC.
  • Celebrities and music channels vowed to mark Blackout on Tuesday, pausing for around 8 minutes – the total time the police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck.

The protests started after the death of Floyd in police custody on 25th May. The white police officer, Derek Chauvin, charged with 3rd-degree murder and will appear in court in the following week. The authorities fired three other officers, appeared in the video of Floyd’s death. The Floyd death case evoked deep anger over police killings of black people in America.

Clashes break out near White House

Many sports stars also raised their voices to join the protest against racism and police discriminatory behavior with black Americans. Likewise, Liverpool squad of twenty-nine players kneeled together and shared their picture on twitter with the caption, “Unity is strength” to show their solidarity with black people. They showed solidarity with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement by their action.


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