Trump scrapped Republican convention activities in Jacksonville

Trump scrapped Republican convention activities in Jacksonville

On Thursday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, announced that Republicans cancel plans to hold convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida. The move from Republicans is an outstanding turnaround for the president. Trump previously moved the convention to Jacksonville after the governor of North Korea raised public health concerns about having huge gatherings in Charlotte, as the Republican Party had long planned.

Trump said that Charlotte pared-back events will still be held. Regardless of urges to ignore them, Trump was deeply observing as many lawmakers say that they were not going to Jacksonville or were seeing not going, according to a familiar person. The president was cautious of having light attendance at the convention.

Tulsa Crowd at rally disappoints Trump

Just around one month ago, the Trump election campaign was expecting a huge crowd at the first rally of the president since the start of the pandemic, but those Tulsa crowds were much smaller than the expectations. Bill Stepien, the campaign manager, and Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chairwoman, recently met with Donald Trump and told him to still go for the convention. Cancelling was also an option for the president, according to GOP source with knowledge of the process.

They demonstrated the possibility to cancel as a chance for the president to reveal leadership, and much more opportunity to impose the idea than in the past. On Thursday, Trump said that he informed his team that he focused on protecting the U.S. people, even though advisors advised him to make an in-person convention safe. At White House, Trump told his team and said the timing for this convention is not right because it is not the right time for a big convention.

Donald Trump says that nothing is more important than the lives of American people and keeping them safe. The president’s Thursday decision marks a whole reversal after insisting for several months that an in-person reception speech delivers before a huge crowd. Earlier in the coronavirus pandemic, the president forced the Republican National Committee to get on upon a wide search for another venue to host a convention after the Democratic governor of North Carolina pull back at the prospect of a big gathering.

Biden leading Trump 51% to 38% in Florida

Now Trump overturned in-person convention plans in two major swing states he must win to have a shot at reelection as a president. The Jacksonville announcement of Trump came hours after Quinnipiac released a survey in Florida showing Joe Biden leading Trump fifty-one percent to thirty-eight percent. The poll also found that sixty-two percent of those surveyed thought it might be unsafe to hold the in-person event in Jacksonville to thirty-four people who thought it would be safe.

Republicans cancel plans to hold convention activities in Jacksonville
United States President Donald Trump
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Whereas, among Republicans, sixty-nine percent said doing so would safe for people, while twenty-six percent said they thought it would be unsafe. Last week, the organizers of the convention had planning to limit its crowd to twenty-five hundred delegates on the first three nights of the event, followed by seven thousand people on its ultimate night, when Trump might deliver probably the most important speech of his reelection campaign on national television.

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