Trump may lie to him during Russia Investigation – Mueller

Trump may lie to him during Russia Investigation, Mueller raised possibility

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, examined the possibility that maybe U.S. President Donald Trump lied to him in his written answers during the Russia investigation, a possibility that Democrats in House said they continue to investigate even after the impeachment of Trump. On Friday, the latest version of the Mueller report said that with recent detail, the Investigation of special counsel also documented how many Trump election campaign officials got from the ten-contender about the releases of WikiLeaks that finally helped his campaign.

The leaks come from the sections of the final investigation report of Mueller, on Russian interference in the U.S. General Election of 2016, republished on Friday with fewer redactions. Furthermore, the latest revelations mainly narrate to the 2016 Presidential election efforts of imprisoned Roger Stone, the former adviser of Trump, and his connections with his long-time friend Trump. There is no proof that the campaign of Donald Trump unlawfully combined with supposed Russian hackers who leaked stolen files of Democratic party to Wikileaks and not any U.S. national charged with such a crime.

Until now, Mueller documented several instances where campaign officials of Trump greeted the WikiLeaks and Russians’ mischief in 2016, included when it associated with Stone. Mueller wrote that according to several witnesses linked with the Campaign, opening in June 2016 and continuing through the tenth month of 2017, Stone expressed about WikiLeaks with senior Campaign officials, including nominee Trump.

Trump may lie to him during Russia Investigation – Mueller
Robert Mueller.
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The Investigation was unable to resolve the role of Stone in the WikiLeaks’ release

The election campaign of Donald Trump showed interest in the releases of WikiLeaks. After the prediction of Stone about the first Clinton-related release of WikiLeaks proved true, the President Campaign stayed in contact with Stone about the activities of WikiLeaks. However, the Investigation was not able to resolve any role of Stone in the release of WikiLeaks of an October surprise to help Donald Trump – the release of the stolen emails of the Clinton campaign chairman on the same day a clip from Access Hollywood showed Donald Trump using unethical language about women.

Chief Justice denied Trump and Conservatives another legacy decision

Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and Representative Adam Schiff of Democratic party tweeted on Friday night that they kept this hidden. The House repetitively said in court, during and after the impeachment proceedings of Trump about him requesting political favors from Ukraine, that it wanted additional details from the Mueller investigation about how witnesses described the conversation of Trump with Stone.


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