Trump blamed Obama to involve in a political crime

Donald Trump blamed Obama's involvement in a political crime

On Monday, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, escalated his dispute with former President Barack Obama by claiming during a press conference that he committed a crime, but Trump refused to go into details. The reporter asked the president what crime did Obama commit? He replied, Obamagate, he committed a long time ago, before elected as president in 2016, he did all disgraceful act.

When the reporters emphasized details, the president told a reporter, you know the crime. The crime of Obama is clear to everyone. Everyone should read the newspaper if he wants more details. On Sunday, Trump quoted a tweet of Buck Sexton that accused the former president of using his last week in office to target arriving office officials and disrupt the new administration. Trump added, the major political crime in the history of the United States, so far.

Justice Department drop the charges against Michael Flynn

The former American President weighed in on the controversy of FBI surrounding Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, calling the “the rule of law at risk” after the Justice Department stepped to withdraw the charges against the former national security adviser. All at once, new particulars arose about what Obama knew about the case against the former national security adviser in the last days of his administration.

Obama said that according to the reports of Yahoo! News, the news over the last twenty-four hours he thinks somewhat restrained – about the dropping charges from the Justice Department against Michael Flynn. Moreover, the fact that there is no example that anyone can find for someone who charged with lying just getting off scot-free. That is the type of stuff where you start to worry that basic- not only institutional standards – but our basic consideration of the rule of law is at risk.

Trump blamed Obama to involve in a political crime

Yahoo! News, while reporting the tape, noted that Obama wrongly states the charges against the former national security adviser, who didn’t charge with perjury. Instead, Flynn begged guilty in 2017 to misleading the FBI about his discussion with the ambassador of Russia during the transition period between Barack Obama and Donald Trump administration. Since then, Flynn tried to pull out his guilty appeal, quoting bad faith by the government.

Obama has a long, tense relationship with Flynn

The former president has a long, tense connection with Flynn. In 2014, he fired him as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and also warned the administration of Trump against his hiring. According to the documents released on Thursday, Obama knows the details of the then-arriving national security adviser’s intercepted phone calls of December 2016 with Sergey Kislyak, then-Russian Ambassador.

The surprising Obama’s intimate information of the details of the calls of Flynn, which the FBI concede at that time, was not improper or even criminal. But it raised eyebrows because of his own past conflict history with Flynn – and because major officials of FBI secretly conversed whether they aimed Flynn to lie, so they may sue him or fired him when they questioned him in the White House on 24th January 2017.

Sidney Powell, the attorney of Flynn, told Sunday Morning Futures of Fox News that she extensively believed that the scandal of FBI reached up to Obama. Powell said that the whole story wrote and set up within the FBI, Brennan, Clapper, and in the Oval Office meeting that day with the former President Obama.

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