The House Speaker Pelosi is ignoring President’s posts about protests

The House Speaker Pelosi is ignoring President's posts about protests

Nancy Pelosi, The House Speaker, states she is ignoring the President’s provocative tweets against protests as an aftermath of George Floyd’s death by some police officer, and expresses that Trump is fueling the flames and trying to divert the attention with his tweets and other social media posts.

While talking to a George Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ one of the chief anchorpersons, on ‘This Week’, the House Speaker tells that she isn’t paying any attention to Donald Trump.
Taking his bait again and again is nothing but an offering for him, because the president always likes to distract things from the original cause of the response, instead of describing the matter in his own way, says Nancy Pelosi.

On Friday, Donald Trump put a post on his twitter account threatening the Minneapolis demonstrators that in case the simple protest turns into a looting, the authorities would start shooting, which ‘of course’ twitter labelled as ‘glorified violence’; Trump disliked the action and even threatened to close down social media platforms. Later, he tweeted again that on Friday, Secret Service was all set to respond with baleful weapons and ferocious dogs against demonstrators outside the White House.

Stephanopoulos asks Pelosi’s views about Trump’s posts

The Chief News anchor presses Nancy further about social media posts, mentioning that President is blaming mayors for their response against remonstration and criticizing far left and anti-fascist for promoting violence.

Speaker Nancy doesn't pay attention over Trump's protest related tweets

You may not pay an attention to him, but meanwhile, he keeps on tweeting and saying stuff. Today, he is putting a blame on protesters noting they are the part of radical left. He is criticizing the Washington D.C. mayors and Minneapolis mayors, says Stephanopoulos. How the US President should be responding right now?

He should be acting as a unifying body in the nation right now. We all have witnessed that in the face of Republican and Democratic Presidents all along, answers the Pelosi. The Presidents before Trump brought the US citizens together during the critical times, and didn’t ‘fuel the flame’, adds Speaker.

Does prosecuting a single police officer is enough to serve justice?

While asking upon whether arresting the police officer for 2nd degree manslaughter and 3rd degree murder is enough to serve the justice regarding the George’s death, Nancy speaks she is worried if the charges are sufficiently severe.

The Speaker further adds that she was telling right from the start that it’s a murder. We all saw the victim’s death on Television.

There were people there watching this in person, who would be taken, under these circumstances, as an accomplice to this murder, Nancy adds. She is concerned about the third-degree murder charge.

She continues that US people should be very happy that how we stand together and face the challenges all by ourselves, as we all mourn the death of 100,000 citizens, even greater than that, to the COVID-19 outbreak.

When the Anchorperson asked How’s the House handling the situation, Pelosi responded by introducing new resolution against ethnic profiling and police violence that accounts for making reforms in police at the federal, state and local levels. D-Calif, Re. Barbara Lee, D-Mass, Karen Bass, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and D-Minn would control the resolution.


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