Reviving football means a battle between health and money, says Ex-EPL club doctor

Reviving football means a battle between health and money, says Ex-EPL club doctor

The wealthiest football league in the world would restart soon on 17 June.

In the face of weeks of discussions with players, clubs, and the European government, EPL confirmed the revival of the 2019-20 season on Thursday.

Fans from all around the globe are excited to watch their favorite game again, but some of them are nervous too.

Before this week, a few hours after EPL declared that teams had unitedly started practicing again, the European government released numbers showing 412 more people died of the novel coronavirus.

The death toll in UK is rising day by day

The current death toll in the United Kingdom is now standing at 37,919, but it seems the exact number of deaths are even higher than this figure.

Just before the officials authorized the restart of the English League, the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance states at the daily COVID-19 briefing that the country is now recording 8000 new cases every day. ‘This is not a small number,’ says Vallance.

Different top-class players such as Troy Deeney, N’Golo Kante, and Sergio Aguero are all expressing trepidation over the resumption of football, especially when the threat is still looming around, and there is yet a lot to discover about the virus.

While talking to CNN Sports, the former Doctor of EPL’s one of the clubs, Ralph Rogers says that those players have a solid reason to worry.

The Doctor says that if he were a player, he would also be wary about returning to pitch. Primarily because we don’t know much about the virus, and people are dying continuously. He understands them completely.

The only thing that we know about this situation is that we should be following social distancing right now. We can’t even visit a supermarket without being apart from each other at 6-feet, so unless they can play football by keeping their specific distance, it seems a bit hasty, adds Dr. Rogers. Coronavirus doesn’t differentiate and can attack anyone.

Football's revival is a duel of health vs money, says EPL's former doctor

Even though the death rate is rising very fast – the latest research suggests the United Kingdom has the world’s 2nd highest death toll out of million- the EPL keeps on going with their plans to revive the league next month under the government rules and regulations. Not to mention that recent studies suggest COVID-19 can spread through surfaces.

Dr. Rogers worries that chasing money would cost lives

The Doctor is describing the situation as a battle between health and money, and it seems money is winning right now.

Rogers continues that it is more than just soccer; we have to understand the virus. This is what we can do. The virus itself will let us know how to survive in this situation and except they change the football rules such as not doing header or tackling… the sport is all about having physical contact with each other. Therefore, football is a big opportunity or a chance for a virus to grow.

We all love football games because they are exciting and cheerful for the community. They are very entertaining. But, are we willing to accept them for the cost of our lives, adds Dr. Rogers

European football’s resumption comes along with the eventual re-opening of the UK’s rest of the economy. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declares before this week that all unessential businesses would restart in the mid of June.



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