Republican win back 2018 lost California House seat

Republican Party win back 2018 lost California House seat

Republican party won back a California United States House seat they previously lost in the midterms of 2018, flicking it red from blue in a high-profile victory. On Wednesday, Christy Smith of Democrats conceded to Republican Mike Garcia to win back in the special election for the vacant seat of Democratic Katie Hill left the seat after resignation due to the controversy last year.

Smith states that they must ensure they count and record of every vote, the present score shows Mike Garcia is a possible victor in 12th May special election. He also congratulates Garcia on the victory. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, endorsed Garcia, a Navy veteran, and businessman, who never held political office since before. Whereas, Barack Obama, former U.S. President, and Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential nominee along with other several prominent Democrats endorsed Smith, a state assembly member.

The results of the special election reveal who serves out the rest of what would the first term of Hill in office. However, there will be another game. That is because Garcia and Smith are still running as nominees for the 2020 November general election to decide who will win the seat in the upcoming session of Congress.

Symbolic blow to Democrats

The contest held in California’s 25th Congressional district that includes parts of Ventura, Los Angeles, rural areas, and spans suburban that fought fiercely. In 2018 after the winning of Hill, the seat went from red to blue. The democratic party hoped to keep the seat in their hands, but they faced a more challenging situation now that Hill no more held the seat with an unavoidable advantage.

For Democrats, losing the seat is a symbolic blow, while Republicans will spur the victory as they compete to win back the House majority in the fall. Garcia majorly highlighted his military background during the contest and ran on a stand of promises to lower taxes, build the wall and overthrow socialism, whereas the cast Smith as a liberal career representative.

Trump declares the Garcia victory too early on Wednesday morning

Meanwhile, the campaign of Smith sought to strictly tie Garcia to Trump while condemning the response of the President to the COVID-19 pandemic. Garcia held the lead against Smith by Wednesday morning, but CNN didn’t make a prediction in the contest, and Smith not conceded yet. However, Donald Trump declares the Garcia victory too early on Wednesday morning in a tweet. He wrote that Mike Garcia’s big Congressional win in California, winning back a seat from the Democrats.

Big Congressional win in California for Mike Garcia, taking back a seat from the Democrats. It is for the first time in many years that a California Dem seat has flipped back to a Republican. Also, Tom Tiffany beat his Democrat rival BIG in Wisconsin. Two great Congressional WINS!

Garcia himself didn’t announce his final victory on the election night because of remaining some uncountable votes. Whereas, on Wednesday the campaign released a victory statement that the election results disclosed a victory for the candidate of Republicans.

The special Election planned to take place with the mail-in ballot

Voting because of the COVID-19 pandemic became a flashpoint in the special election when the President claimed without any evidence about the rigging of the election. Further, Trump claimed that the authorities installed a voting booth system in a highly Democratic area, regardless of the fact the election supposed to held by mail-in ballots only. Though, it is untrue that the special election intends to take place only with mail-in votes. Similarly, Trump also started legal fights over mail-in voting across the country in upcoming general elections.

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Governor of California, signed an executive order requiring mail-in-vote sent to every eligible voter in the district. Besides, the order also approved and encouraged the officials of the election to make available the in-person or physical voting opportunities. Limited opportunities present for physical voting with several locations reachable to voters starting on 2nd May through election day.

Republican win back 2018 lost California House seatOnce Hill, a rising Democratic star, announced last year to resign from Congress seat because of an ethics inquiry that she involved in an inappropriate relationship with a Congressional staffer. However, Hill refused the allegations about the relationship with her congressional staffer, but she confesses a relationship with a campaign staffer before taking office.

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