Over Fifty murders reported in Baltimore so far in 2020

Around Fifty-two homicides reported in Baltimore so far in 2020

As of March 2020, over fifty homicides happened in the Baltimore city area. On Sunday, the Police Department of Baltimore announced that nineteen-year-old Singleton Blake-Duppins charged with first-degree homicide in the gunfire death of a twenty-six-year-old man on Friday, one of four shootings in Baltimore.

According to The Baltimore Sun figures, a minimum of fifty-two homicides reported all over the city as of 2nd March. According to the FBI, the central, northeastern city in Maryland of over six lac people is one amongst the most dangerous cities in the United States.

In 2019, around 348 slayings reported in the city, its 5th consecutive year with over three hundred homicides and the 2nd-fatal year on record. According to FOX45, so far in 2020, the Charm City’s string of murders already on track to beat three hundred killings for yet another yet.

Activist Tyree Moorehead about the current situation

On Sunday, activist Tyree Moorehead tells FOX45 that the city was not like this, even in the worst situation. It’s a terrifying moment for families who still saved from homicide, but they have a fear of any bullet with their name may ready to their lives.

Community activists, as well as inhabitants of the city, are expecting to bring back a community that cut off. The Reverend Alvin Hathaway told FOX45, several people in the city moved around treating the violence, and the community members need to step up and paved the way for positive change.

Over Fifty murders reported in Baltimore so far in 2020

The previous month, an official of ex-state corrections was assassinated while he was under investigation. Whereas, two officers of fugitive task force injured in a shooting at an apartment complex of Baltimore when they tried to serve a warrant out of Pennsylvania for the charge of attempted murder. The incident took place when officials increased the presence of officers of federal law enforcement in Baltimore to stalemate activities related to gangs as well as violent crimes as a whole.

The Department of Justice already announced plans to overcome crimes

The Department of Justice of the United States announced a strategy in December to increase the total number of federal agents with additional officers to task forces in the city. A few months back, the justice department revealed a task force, especially for the crimes related to guns and drugs in Baltimore.

Taskforce members, including officers from Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Explosives, Firearms & Tobacco, worked from a joint location to intensify the coordination. Secret Service agents also wounded in operation. During the Summer, Bernard Jack Young, the Baltimore Mayor, says that the leadership at the local level is not responsible for the increasing rate of homicide in Baltimore.

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