Latest iPhone update is secretly using Insta camera

Latest iPhone update iOS 14 Beta is secretly using Instagram camera

After the latest update of iPhone, version iOS 14 Beta, the Instagram users faced a privacy scare. Instagram was secretly using the camera in the background after installing it. Some of the users of iOS Beta reported that the update alerted them with the indicator of “camera on” when they opened the Instagram application on their smartphone, and they scrolled new stories without recording anything actually using the app.

A famous app Insta was accessing the iPhone cameras secretly in the background. It is surely a privacy concern, reminding users about LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok, and other similar applications snooping on clipboard content. Instagram quickly respond as well as blamed the problem on a bug. It said that they only access the user’s camera when they gave the command to it, such as when someone swipes from Feed to Camera.

The firm found the bug and is fixing it in iOS 14 Beta that falsely shows that some people are using the camera on their iPhone when they are not. The company doesn’t access the user’s camera in those instances, nor they record any content.

iOS 14 offers improved privacy

Apple iOS 14 offers its users with enhanced and improved privacy. It became a cause for embracement for gigantic names in the application industry as it continues to expose mobile applications that were secretly accessing the universal clipboard. TikTok was the first app in the list to make headlines after it caught secretly accessing the clipboard of user’s smartphone in the background for no reason.

However, shortly iOS 14 helped the beta testers and developers to catch several apps doing the same illegal activity. It found that TikTok was just another application in the list of fifty other big names that secretly access the general clipboard of iOS users. Names of some of the big apps are such as Call of Duty Mobile, Google News, Ali Express, LinkedIn, Accuweather, among others.

Latest iPhone update is secretly using Insta camera
iPhone latest update iOS 14 Beta causing security issues for Instagram users
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For those users who are unaware of the latest feature, Apple is offering the universal clipboard for those times when users want to copy and paste content across Apple devices. While on iOS 14, Apple made a significant change. It started to alert users whenever an application accesses their device’s universal clipboard. That’s the way how popular apps caught red-handed by iOS 14 beta users.

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