Kim Kardashian West addresses about her husband’s mental health

Kim Kardashian West talks about her husband’s mental health

Kim Kardashian West took Instagram to share a message about the mental health of her husband, Kanye West. On Wednesday, she acknowledged that the physician diagnosed a bipolar disorder of West. The illness is excruciating as well as complicated for many to understand.

Further, she wrote that many of her fans know that Kanye has bi-polar disorder. Anyone himself or his/her loved one suffering from this disorder knows very well how painful it is to understand. She wrote that she never spoke publicly about how this affected them at home because she is very caring oh her children and the right if Kanye to privacy when it comes to health.

However, today, she felt like she should comment on this matter because of the humiliation and misconceptions about mental health. She goes on to call Kanye a brilliant but complicated person and highlights the struggles he dealt with, including the death of his mother, Donda West, in 2007.

Kanye a brilliant but complicated person

She continues that she understands that Kanye subjects to criticism because he is a public figure, and his activities can cause strong sentiments and emotions. He is a dazzling but difficult person to understand who on top of the pressures of being a black man and artist, who faced the painful loss of his mother, and has to cope with the pressure and isolation that heightened by his bi-polar illness.

Kim Kardashian West addresses about her husband’s mental health
Kim Kardashian West with her husband Kanye West
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A familiar and close source to West tells CNN that close friends and team concerned. Furthermore, the primary priority of everyone is to make sure that he is getting the help he needs. The source added that West assessed by a physician on Monday who decided that he didn’t need to admit to hospital, but that will experience another evaluation on Wednesday.

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