Donald Trump engaged in legal fights over mail-in voting

President Trump engaged in legal fights over vote-by-mail

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is taking his special interest in the legal battles to ban mail-in voting across the country by influencing his political advisers to take an aggressive stance to counter complaints of Democratic leaders on the issue. On Thursday, the president met with his political advisors at the White House to discuss legal efforts, a source aware of the matter said. The meeting came as the Republican National Committee (RNC) increased their primary spending of ten million dollars to twenty million dollars to combat lawsuits brought by Democratic party all over the country over voting methods.

According to the source, Trump has an interest in fighting vote harvesting, which allows the Republican officials and outside organizations to gather signed and sealed mail-in votes, a procedure legal in some states of the country. He is happy with the efforts to fight Democratic legal plans, which include opposing the move by Democratic leaders to remove ballot signature match requirements and to automatically mail votes to all appropriate voters, including inactive voters.

All legal efforts of the Republican National Committee are mainly defensive in nature. However, those efforts dramatically bolster in response to an upsurge in lawsuits by the Democratic party in a quest to expand mail-in voting rules across the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Republicans engaged in these legal battles in thirteen states across the country.

California Governor announced to introduce mail-in voting in the state

According to some senior experts, there is no evidence that vote by mail benefits any single party over the other. Whereas, the president claimed that mail-in voting might result in massive fraud. On the other hand, experts say that voter fraud regarding mail-in voting is still rare. A considerable number of U.S. nationals favor changing the laws of election to allow every eligible voter to vote by mail, according to NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, but Republican leaders are far less likely than the Democratic leaders to agree.

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California, announced on Friday to mail the ballots in the state to the eligible voters for November elections because of the coronavirus outbreak. A source familiar with the matter states that the Republican Party is actively finding the legal possibilities, but it is not clear that they will have a stand to stop the move. On Saturday, instead of his opposition to vote by mail, Donald Trump was critical of extensions to in-person voting in the contest.

Donald Trump engaged in legal fights over mail-in voting

Most of the voters in the California district will vote through the mail, but there are also poll centers available across the district as well. Based on the vote by mail returned thus for, Republican leaders believe they have an edge in the race, regardless of the claims of Trump that mail-in voting classically benefits Democrats. On Saturday, Trump tweeted the California-25 election as rigged. They are trying to steal the election from Mike Garcia, a Republican businessman, who is contesting against Christy Smith, a state assemblywoman from Democratic party, for the open seat.

Trump endorsed Mike Garcia for California Election

The American President endorsed Garcia on Friday, and the California election officials announced that they would open another in-person voting location in another part of the district that he described as “the richest Democratic area in the State” during the previous weekend of voting before the general election. Trump tweets that they are trying to rig another election. These ballots must not count, and he relates it as scam votes.

The new voting place would open this weekend in Lancaster, California, to fix the no in-person voting locations in the city. Almost a quarter of the voters in Lancaster are black, and Democrats argue that the absence of physical polling locations in that area of the district excludes voters of color. Deputy campaign manager for the Smith campaign, Kunal Atit, states that Garcia is working with Trump to weave untrue conspiracy theories to alienate Latino and African American voters and cast distrust of the election.

Congress slow to manage US response to pandemic over partisan battles

A spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Andy Orellana says that every citizen of California has the Constitutional right to cast their legal vote. Expanding the access of voting is not stealing an election, differing to what Republican leaders in Washington may believe. Rather than undermining a poll at the eleventh hour, they should follow Lancaster’s Republican Mayor’s lead, who is backing their contender.


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