Democrats are preparing for delegates to change convention and vote remotely

Democrats are preparing for delegates to change convention and vote remotely

DNC Democratic National Committee is getting ready for a convention of a presidential nomination this August, with party executives preparing to give authority to the Milwaukee convention organizers to plan such event that would allow the delegates to vote remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.

A top executive from Democratic National Committee spoke on the plans about videoconference of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee that is going to occur on Tuesday. The official discussed the anonymity condition to talk about actions that still require authorization from the committee and 447 members of the DNC.

DNC’s Rules and Bylaws panel to implement the process carefully

The Rules and Bylaws panel of the committee will initiate the process with proper planning that offers “maximum flexibility” to the convention organizers to come up with a method that allows every delegate member to complete his official duty without exposing himself to any kind of health risk. The process will include the following things: 1) finalizing the dates for a convention, 2) deciding voting procedures, structure, format, and convention’s other logistical prospects.

These potential actions highlight how fiercely coronavirus outbreak affected the 2020 US presidential election, possibly pushing both or at least one party to change their conventions drastically in such ways that didn’t even take place during the 1864 Civil War. Furthermore, it increases the chances even more, that Joe Biden would represent his Democratic side without a traditional way of calling votes from hundreds of delegates all around the states and territories of the United States.

Democrats would poll on the resolution through mail-in ballots. In case if it gets approved, the decision would efficiently prevent the members of the national party from doing the voting in their old style.

DNC is getting ready for delegates to vote virtually by changing conventionParties facing challenges about conventions

Tom Perez, the chairman of the party, declared a convention delay and pushed it ahead to August from July 13-16, only the one week before the Republicans convene in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ronna McDaniel, the chairperson of the Republican National Committee, also let the possibility of changes in the GOP convention open for discussion; meanwhile, the US President clearly showed his keenness to do the 2020 campaign in a usual way despite the increasing situation of COVID-19.

The Committee is also thinking of approving renunciation for states that delayed the primaries for Presidential candidate past the deadline of 9 June. Many states decided to suspend their primaries due to the outbreak. New York and Kentucky adjourned them till 23 June, while Louisiana would start voting on 11 July, and New Jersey and Delaware decided to halt their primaries until 7 July.

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