Chris Matthews Step Down as a host from MSNBC

Chris Matthews Step Down as a host from MSNBC show Hardball

One of the U.S. famous hosts of talk show, Chris Matthews step down from MSNBC after a series of current controversies on and off the camera. His resignations accepted by the management and effective immediately. On Monday night’s Hardball show, he announced his retirement. According to a cable news show, Matthews hosted for over twenty years while the Monday show was his last broadcast.

Matthews said that definitely the retirement not only because of lack of interest in politics, signifying that he didn’t take the decision alone. A person familiar with the matter said that management told Matthews to resign. That source said it as firing from the post whom MSNBC termed it as a retirement.

Another source disputed the situation and related it as a mutual decision from both sides. On Monday evening, Matthews cited his conversation with MSNBC management during his farewell. He said after the discussion with management, he decided to do his last show on the channel. The young generation is waiting to take the pedals and seniors like him paving their ways by vacating seats. Everyone, including him, wants to see youngsters in media, in politics and debating for their causes.

Chris Matthews Step Down as a host from MSNBC

Controversies of Chris Matthews

74-year-old Matthews referred to claims of misconduct that trailed him for many years and floated up last Friday when Laura Bassett, the GQ columnist, blamed Matthews of giving erotic remarks when in 2016, she joined Hardball as a guest. Bassett repeated the words of Matthews, such as “Why he has not fallen in love with her yet?” She also recalled his inappropriate and gross comments.

On the other side, Matthews didn’t cite Bassett, but Matthews made his remarks in the context on Monday night about workrooms realizing “better standards than grew up with – reasonable standards. Lots of it has to do with how we communicate with each other.” He said that compliments on the appearance of a woman should give in a respectable way, and he also apologized for his past comments by saying sorry. In a tweet, Bassett replied to the announcement of Matthews about retirement by saying, “All I gotta say is – it is all about time.”

Mathews show gratitude towards his producers, viewers, and followers and then signed off. After a short commercial break, Hardball resumed with Steve Kornacki as a fill-in host. The channel didn’t name any replacement instantly for Matthews, and it won’t be comfortable for the MSNBC to do so. Matthews was a staple of political coverage of MSNBC approximately since the channel started its service in the mid-1990s.


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