Voters in California will receive mail-in ballot for 2020 election

Voters in California will receive mail-in ballot for 2020 Presidential election

All California’s registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot for the 2020 November Presidential Election because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Gavin Newsom, the Democratic Governor. However, California is not moving to mail-only, but in-person voting will remain an option. Newsom says that mail-in voting is significant, but it is not the best substitute to physical locations, remarking that some voters are just not easy mailing in a ballot.

Early Friday, Newsom signed an executive order, which makes the California first state of the United States to make voting by mail in 2020 general election, a decision took because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex Padilla, the Secretary of State, said. Padilla adds that the November election scheduled as the most important election in the history of the United States. The administration remained committed to providing as possible as safe in-person options to vote on and before Election Day.

Some selective Businesses allowed to resume their services partially

The precautional move correlates with the first day of the limited reopening of California. It comes as concerns regarding in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic that brings the huge political controversy over mail-in voting. On Monday, Newsom announced that shops, including bookstores, clothing stores, and florists, allowed to offer curbside pickup services to customers starting Friday. All reopening of the businesses in California will relate to scrutiny and active observation, though the state’s Governor mentions that they will allow some counties to go towards a more reopening process if the county supervisors and health officials suggest it.

Newsom said on Monday that they would allow them the avail that option with some conditions as well as modifications that meet the health needs of the whole state. He took the step with caution in reopening the golden category state, with over 62,500 coronavirus infected cases and around twenty-five hundred deaths to date, according to the statistics obtained from the Johns Hopkins University. California stood among the first states of the United States to issue stay-at-home orders in March and joined in an agreement with fellow Western states Oregon and Washington, in April to initiate the incremental release of stay home orders.

Republican to take legal action against Newsom “mail-in vote” decision

According to Sam Mahood, the press secretary of Padilla, the vote-by-mail marks the first time in the history of California that the officials would mail the ballots to every registered voter of the state. On the other side, Republicans criticized the Newsom move and said that the election would become susceptive to the voter fraud. They concerned about taking legal action against the decision. Tim Murtaugh, the campaign Communications Director of Trump, called the Governor Newsom’s decision “a thinly-veiled” political approach to demoralize election security as well as an extensive open opportunity for fraud.

Murtaugh states that everybody has a concern about the health and safety of voters, but threatening election security is the misleading way to go about it. He also emphasizes that California has a lousy record of maintaining the rolls of its voters. Steve Guest, the spokesperson of the Republican National Committee, says that they are considering their legal possibilities to ensure the election’s integrity. They always back voting through absentee and California state is a case study in why sending these several ballots is a big problem.

Voters in California will receive mail-in ballot for 2020 election

However, several U.S. states are observing such options as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread its severe damages. Ohio held mail-in voting primary previous month, on the heels of nineteen people in Wisconsin tested positive for the disease who said they voted in-person or worked the ballots for the primary election of the state, according to the health department of the state.

Anti-Trump Conservatives showed their support for mail-in voting

Many groups with supporters ranging from former first lady, Michelle Obama, as well as anti-Trump conservatives, came forward to support voting-by-mail to protect the health and safety of voters. In the meantime, President Trump led the Republican party charge against the move. Last month, Trump lied about mail-in voting during a press briefing at White House, claiming that people cheat in the mail ballots, in his opinion.

The supporters of mail-in ballot highlighted that a few of the states, including the state of Utah, already conduct their voting entirely by mail, and several studies found not any evidence of extensive voter fraud in the United States.

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