Biden widens US Election map with his growing campaign

Biden to boost up his campaign and expand the election map

Biden’s top campaign officials state that they will soon see 600 members in the crucial battleground states, and they will be ready to tackle President Donald Trump in upcoming general election.

While talking to political reporters on Friday in a Zoom presentation, the ex-VP top campaign advisors said that they are getting ahead with the voters both in battleground states and nationally. Furthermore, they anticipated that their ramping up campaign would widen the US area in play. O’Malley Dillon said, such rules would become battleground areas this time, which were never before.

Biden’s Campaign takes drastic measures

The Vice President’s campaign is thinking of hiring more than 600 people by June for an ‘extended map’ that would turn the states – which were once solely republican states – into a tough battleground area including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Democrats are having maybe an edge over these states, but Republicans recently won California which they lost back in 2018. The recruiting of new members is the latest move by the campaign officials to parry growing criticisms from some Democratic Party and cumulative allies that the campaign isn’t going much fast.

One of the detractors, progressive champion’s ex-campaign manager Bernie Sanders, expresses on Friday in a leaked memo that the former US President faces a mounting challenge to win a battle against young voters who were supporting Sanders in the primaries before the Vermont Senator took his name out. The ex-staff member Jeff Weaver and the large portion of the Vermont Senator’s supporters stated that they are currently apathetic and uncooperative about Biden being the candidate.

Biden widens US Election map with his growing campaignFormer US Vice President must earn the support of Bernie’s voters

Weaver continues that it is necessary for a Biden, the ex-US Vice President, to team up with the Sanders supporters. If Joe Biden manages to get the support of all of the Sanders’ voters by November, he can easily turn down the battle against and take the Whitehouse. But, the problem is most of those voters aren’t willing to do that.

Meanwhile, the US President’s election campaign is cunningly looking for ways to make Trump personally face the voters. Plus, according to some reports, they have already contacted Florida’s officials about possibly preparing one of Trump’s signature rallies in the state, as early as possible. The President hosted the last rally in March when the COVID-19 was first basing its roots in the United States.

Lara Trump seems hopeful about hosting road rallies

While talking recently to the Press conference, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump says that President loves being out there with the public and public love his presence too, so they are looking to host several rallies before moving ahead to the November. Donald Trump is also happy about the situation and wants to do that excitedly, and she believes without proper rallies, this would not look like a real campaign season.

Lara Trump further adds, they are indeed looking forward to hitting the roads, but also, if they do have to somehow go for a virtual rally, they are considering their options here. She said, so far, all their virtual events resulted in full success.

On the other hand, Joe Biden is running his campaign from his home in Delaware, where he is keeping himself in the distance because of the pandemic.


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