Joe Biden took 10-point lead over Donald Trump

Biden took 10-point lead over Trump in POST/ABC Polls

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate, took a ten-point lead over Donald Trump, the President of the United States, among eligible voters in the latest Washington Post/ ABC News poll. Whereas, that sliced in half among those solid voters to vote, reflect risks for Biden in terms of voter interest and commitment.

On the other side, Trump has his own challenges, such as glittering negative views of the economy and huge criticism against his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Trump’s overall rating of job approval is back underwater, 45-53% among all the U.S. nationals, with a 7-point upsurge in disapproval since late March.

Trump Job Approval

Biden took 10-point lead over Trump in POST/ABC Polls

Source: ABC News / Washington Post Polls

The ratings of the president specifically for handling the coronavirus pandemic are almost like 46-53%, with approval less than five percentage points and disapproval up eight points in the last two months. The difference gets worse in terms of strong sentiment: The number that firmly criticizes his work on the health crisis surpasses those who strongly approve by fifteen points, forty-three verses twenty-eight percent.

ABC produces the poll by Langer Research Associates and is neither popular in this poll. 42% of the eligible voters see Donald Trump favorably overall. On the other side, 46% backs Biden. However, more see president negatively fifty-five percent versus forty-eight percent for the former vice-president. Besides Trump remains negative rated on a range of individual attributes: Around six in ten respectively do not see Trump as trustworthy and honest, because he does not understand the problems of common U.S. nationals and they think the president has not the temperament and personality for the designation.

That said that fifty percent see Trump as a strong person for this seat – shy of the mainstream but up a minor six points from the previous fall, and greater than the same of Biden, forty-three percent. Furthermore, even with the country’s economy in terrible straits, Donald Trump gets fifty-two percent approval for handling it after the outbreak crisis. However, that’s down five points since late March, with disapproval up six points, to forty-four percent.

Public Vote greatly on the virus control efforts instead of restoring the economy

The positive thing for Biden is that the American people trust him over the president to direct the efforts of the federal government to restrict the spread of COVID-19, fifty to forty-two percent. The two as alternative rated evenly in trust to direct the efforts of the federal government to recover the economy of the country, 47-47%. However, public polled this spring mainly on controlling the spread of coronavirus instead of restoring the economy.

Vote Preference by County-Level Coronavirus Cases

(Among eligible voters)

Biden took 10-point lead over Trump in POST/ABC Polls

Source: Washington Post / ABC News Polls

Overall, the 2020 presidential race stands at 53% and 40%, Biden and Trump respectively, among all eligible voters; 53-43% among those registered, and those who are to be confirmed to vote. Since last fall, the result among the eligible voters is the former vice-president’s best, better from a scant plus two points, 49-47%, in late March.

2020 Vote Preference

Biden took 10-point lead over Trump in POST/ABC Polls

Source: Washington Post / ABC News Polls

The gains of Biden from two months back have come mostly among moderates, younger and independents women. However, as noted, he faces several challenges in eagerness and commitment. Among eligible voters who support Donald Trump, eighty-seven percent say they will surely vote for him if the 2020 election were today. Final support slides to seventy-four percent for Biden – around where it was for Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of the State in a Washington Post/ABC News poll in 2016.

The methodology of the Poll

The above Post/ABC poll conducted through cellular and landline telephone from 25th to 28th May 2020, in two languages, Spanish and English, between a random nationwide sample of 1001 adults. Results may vary with a sampling error of 3.5 points, along with the design effect. Partisan divisions are 37-31-24 percent, independents-Democrats-Republicans.

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