America confirms a new arms deal with UAE, despite proof Gulf state violated the last one

America confirms a new arms deal with UAE, despite proof Golf state violated the last one

President Trump has overlooked the UAE misconducts and confirmed a new possible deal of more than thousands of armed vehicles to the United Arab Emirates, says one of the American government officials while talking to the CNN, despite the proof that the nation moved American Military weapons illegally to Yemen’s armed groups.

Yemen is currently in a civil war with the support of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – both are the United States’ important allies – against the Houthi Rebels, that has aid from Iran, and the provision of US-made arms has only added fuel to the fire.

According to the investigation by CNN in the Feb of last year, both US key allies had provided American-made weapons to hardline Salafi militias, Al-Qaeda-linked groups, and other fighting entities in Yemen, and violated the legal agreement with Washington.

Those agreements state that both Saudi Arabia and UAE need legal authorization to transfer weaponry to other groups, but that authorization as never obtained, says the Defense Department, while talking to time. The UAE executives at the time totally denied the allegations, while Saudi Arab officials didn’t bother to comment.

US to supply new arms to UAE given that they didn't respect the last dealUS Government Investigates the allegations on UAE and KSA

Following the report from CNN, the American government decided to take a step and sent off their teams to Saudi Arabia and UAE for inquiry, while putting a stop over the further deliveries of US weapons to the gulf state until the results of that investigation.

While talking to CNN, two officials from the United States, having the information on Pentagon inquiry and joint State Department, reveal that the process took more than one year to complete because of the delaying tactics by the Emirates.

While the investigation has completed at the start of this year, its minutes aren’t revealed to the public. But different government authorities within the admin and from both sides of the nations tell CNN that UAE is clear.

The State Department briefs about the situation and tells the congressional leaders that they are satisfied nothing such transfers took place. Plus, they made sure that Emirates totally follows the agreement letter with the United States, says another source of CNN, who has the certain information about the inquiry.

After getting clear, US makes a new proposed weaponry deal with UAE

Thus following those conclusions, lawmakers authorized the new possible sale of US weapons to the United Arab Emirates, the source adds.

The DSCA – Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the United States – declared on May 7 that Pentagon has recently confirmed a deal of more than 4569 surplus American-made MRAP vehicles, aka Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles to the Gulf state for an amount of 556m dollars approximately. The deal would help the national interest of the USA by sending security support to one of the key regional partners, says a news release from DSCA.

But, not publicizing the results of American investigation is questioning the decorum of Trump Admin’s decision about authorizing the possible sale of MRAPs to the Emirates, given the proof of last illegal transfers and congressional opposition by both parties to different proposed weaponry deals, last year. On top of that, Pompeo was pressuring the authorities to find ways to resume the weapons delivery to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile,KSA faces an economic downfall due to the huge collapse in oil prices when Saudi Arabia decided to flood the international market with oil.


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